In 1715, French colonizers first brought coffee plants to the Caribbean Islands of Haiti and Martinique, which plants were later spread to other islands, such as Jamaica in 1728 by Sir Nocholas Lawes (The then Governor).

Indisputably, Coffee from the Caribbean are among the highest quality in the world, especially coffee from Haiti and Jamaica. Besides the know-how deriving from their long coffee growing tradition, and the surgical precision level of attention to quality – those unique terroirs have been gifted with diverse landscapes, exceptionally fertile, well-draining acidic and misty soil, topped by their high-altitude regions which provide ideal growing conditions for coffee, resulting with a mild flavor, gentle acidity, and distinct aroma.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, stands out as an exceptional coffee.

Haitian coffee similarly stands out as a high-graded specialty coffee, albeit a smaller scale of production compared to its peak years. The coffee’s unique characteristics still attract global attention. Haiti’s coffee Types Of Varieties And Types Of Varietals · Typica Coffee Variety · Bourbon · Mundo Novo · Caturra · Blue Mountain.


Product nameCafé Forêt des Pins BleusCafé Marre BlancheGwo Chwal (Creole for “Big Horse”
Country of originHaitiHaitiHaiti
RegionThiotte (south-east of Haiti)Colin & Tete Source (south-east of Haiti)West Department of Haiti
Tree variety100% Arabica Washed (Typica, Bourbon, Catura & Catimor)100% Arabica Washed (Typica, Bourbon, Catura & Catimor)100% Arabica Washed (Typica, Bourbon, Catura & Catimor)
Altitude1.300 to 1.350 meters1.400 meters1.500 to 1.600 meters.
CharacteristicGreat aroma and superb fragrance balanced acidity good aftertasteIt has a strong aroma with citrus flavors, grassy aftertastebeautiful fragrance, its complex aroma and cherry-chocolate, cocoa pudding-esque body.
*NotePins Bleus is Organic and grown  the same type of plant as the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. All grains are dried in the sun, which explains their bluish color. Considered by connoisseurs in Italy, as the best coffee for espresso. Marre Blanche coffee beans were the best sellers, on the Japanese market in 2009.It is called  Big Horse (Gwo Cheval) because of its robust, rich, unparalleled.

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