The Benefits of Becoming a Member of HCCCJ

The Haitian Caribbean Chamber of Commerce in Japan is a network-oriented organization that aims to connect shared-interests companies and entrepreneurs to foster new business opportunities. Becoming a member will provide you with the followings:


Develop and create relationships with niche contacts for mutual benefits.


Introduction of your needs within our relevant network to multiply chances of success.

Development Forums

Multiple events throughout the year to exchange ideas and obtain insights on topics that matter to our clientele.

Promo & Communications

Gain access to our pro-active promotions through our different platforms: Website, social media accounts, Newsletters, and events.

Tailored Support

Essential supports in commercial and trade activities between Japan – Haiti, and the rest of the Caribbean.

Special Service

Reach out to our meaningful local presence in every area that we serve to promote and create opportunities for your business with our strong connections on the ground who fully understand the respective business landscape and speak the language(s).