Famous people in sports and other stars in Japan originated from Haiti or The Caribbean.

The first mention comes as no surprise:

Naomi Osaka (born 1997),
Japanese tennis player (Japanese mother and Haitian father)

Naomi Osaka’s primary representation in sports is for Japan, however, her connection to Haiti remains an important part of her identity, and she has used her platform to raise awareness of her Haitian heritage and advocate for social and racial justice causes.

Naomi Osaka has a strong connection to Haiti through her family background. She was born on October 16, 1997, in Chūō-ku, Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan, to a Japanese mother, Tamaki Osaka, and a Haitian father, Leonard François. Her father’s family is from Haiti, which is a country in the Caribbean.

While Naomi Osaka represents Japan in her professional tennis career and has spent much of her life in the United States, she has always been proud of her mixed heritage and has identified with both her Japanese and Haitian roots. In fact, she has often spoken about her Haitian heritage in interviews and on social media.

Osaka’s connection to Haiti became particularly notable during her victory at the 2018 US Open. After winning the tournament, she draped a Haitian flag over her shoulders as a symbol of pride and recognition of her father’s heritage. This moment drew attention to her family’s background and to the broader issues of diversity and representation in sports.

Second mention

Mari Osaka (born 1996),
Japanese tennis player and sister of Naomi Osaka (Haitian father)

Honorable mentions

Jiro Barriga Toyama (born 1995),
Japanese Colombian footballer (Colombian father)

Riki Kitawaki (born 1985),
Japanese footballer (Venezuelan parent)

Hiroyuki Ikeuchi (born 1976),
Japanese actor (Salvadorian mother)

Sonoya Mizuno (born 1986),
British actor and ballet dancer (Argentine British mother).