Haiti is home to some of the rarest cacao beans in the world, known for its rich, intricate aroma and profound, smooth flavor. Although the production has fallen over the years due to climate change and political unstability; The country once known as the pearl of the caribbean remains a niche cacao producer and has a long history that covers centuries of growing cacao.

Haitian cacao is among the top 3% of cacao on earth. It’s rare, delicious and 100% organic. Part of its particulities are found in its velvety, smoothnes, fruitiness and low acidity.

Cacao is considered to be one of the primary potential sources for development in rural Haiti.
By buying this cacao, you will help many farmers feeding their families.

For any interests in learning more about Haitian Cacao (and any other Caribbean country’s cacao), or for purchase purposes – whether in bulk (per tons/ tonnes) for businesses or small amount (KGs /Pounds) for individuals, please reach out us immediately at info@hcccjp.com or call us at 03-4400-0739.

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