If you are interested in joining the Haitian Caribbean Chamber of Commerce in Japan, please go to “become a member” page and fill out the application form.

    Kindly note that there are different membership categories, and we hope that you will select the appropriate one for your business or yourself.

    Each membership category comes with different benefits, privileges, fees, and payment methods.

    For Platinum and Gold membership: Fill out the application and receive instructions from us shortly, and the payment method will be via invoice.

    For Corporates, Small Businesses, Associations, Non-Profit Organizations, and Individuals: Fill out the form and proceed directly to payment via credit or debit card and confirmation will be sent to you shortly.

     *For all categories: As soon as we receive your payment confirmation your application will be submitted to our Board of Governors for approval. In case of approval, your membership becomes official. And, in case of rejection of an application the membership fee will be reimbursed in full.


    Memberships are renewed annually (from the start date to the same date the following year). And automatically, unless otherwise stated by a member via our discontinuation form.