Haitian art is a mix of African roots with strong Indigenous, American, European aesthetic and religious influences, which encompasses a diverse range of artistic expressions created by the people of Haiti. It is a vibrant and dynamic form of art that reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage, history, spirituality, social realities, and creativity in its purest form.

Whilst, Haitian painting has gained recognition and popularity on an international level for its unique style, vivid colors, and symbolic representations, there are other Haitian art works that are also overwhelmingly powerful and refreshingly original enough to capture our imagination in a flash.

Some Other notable forms of Haitian arts include:
1. Sculpture: Sculpture holds an important place in Haitian art, with artists creating sculptures from various materials such as wood, metal, and stone. Sculptures often represent historical figures, religious deities, or symbolic forms.
2. Voodoo Art: Voodoo, an important spiritual practice in Haiti, influences a significant portion of Haitian art. Voodoo art includes representations of voodoo spirits, ceremonies, and symbols. These artworks often carry spiritual significance and are deeply rooted in Haitian culture.
3. Textiles and Handicrafts: Haitian artisans also produce a wide array of textiles, including embroidered artworks, tapestries, quilts, metalwork, pottery, beadwork, basket weaving and other handicrafts. These items showcase the skill and creativity of Haitian artisans, often incorporating traditional designs and motifs.

Succinctly, Haitian Art speak to the vitality of Haitian culture and the indomitable spirit of its people.


From graffiti to painting, Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960–1988) is one of the stars of contemporary art. 

His Haitian origins, combined with the influences of pop art greatly influenced his work.  His paintings is believed to represent pirits in Haitian Vodou.

He has become one of the great figures of Afro-Americanism in the artistic world.

Ludovic Booz

Booz, Ludovic (Haitian, 1940 – 2015)
Ludovic Booz was a Haitian painter and sculptor. Born in Aquin, Booz sculpted bronze busts of several Haitian presidents.

Among his distinctions are the following special commissions: a bronze bust of President François Duvalier for the Esso Salon; a bronze bust of President John F. Kennedy (Dallas); a burst of President Dumarsais Estimé.