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Haiti’s Cherished Soup Joumou Serves-up Freedom and Happiness in Every Bowl

Haitians around the globe eat soup joumou (pumpkin soup) for the new year to commemorate the independence of the first black republic in the world.

The tradition of drinking soup joumou in Haiti is deeply rooted in history and carries cultural significance which dates back to January 1, 1804, when Haiti successfully gained independence from French colonial rule after a long and arduous struggle. During the period of French colonial rule, enslaved Africans in the colony were forbidden from consuming soup joumou, as it was considered a delicacy reserved for the French slaveholders. Upon gaining independence, the newly liberated Haitian people embraced the symbolic significance of soup joumou as a representation of freedom and the overthrow of oppression.
Below are some pictures from the Haitian Independence Day Celebration at the Embassy of Haiti in Tokyo, in January 13, 2024.



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